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A Mother Left Crying

Tears stain her eyes as she hears your last luluby. To know your heart beats no more, to never see you come through that door. A mothers world is ripped to shreds with tears that have no end. To know she will never hold her baby again is a pain that will never end. The argument over the bathroom chores. The pile of clothes that litter the floor. Words meant to carry into later years. Are mothers words spoke with love and future at heart.

What has become in the kingdom of man? When a mother will never again hold her child's hand? You play your games of thrown never fearing for your own. You people of paper and pen who counts us as pawns. Just a minor set back in your games going on. You make your acknowledgements and use it as prize. That a mother has said her goodbyes.

We live your wars of paper and pen, and look where it has gotten us again. You strike at our hearts with precision and ease. You cut deep and fast with vigor and glee. For we are the many and you are the few, the difference between us? You've learned to smile as you kill.

We want only peace in a world for our children. A dreamed up childhood of tree houses and block hide and seek. Where parents still stood out to yell "Kids come into eat!" Dreams we promise them to come true, just stay true to the red, white and blue.

What good do you do? You people of paper and pen, who see this as a win/win. Your off about gun control again? A mother is grieving and all the while your still scheming. We work too much with too little time given to us, ourselves, our families. A mother left wishing for more time, more laughter and smiling. Hug your babies when ever you can because in the end you will never feel it was enough.

A mother left crying on the bathroom floor, knowing her child will never again open that door. You prey easy on our tender emotions, using us to stir your commotion. Begone and away with your cold hearted agenda. Propaganda and slander are all you can move.

For the mothers and fathers alike who will spend days wishing it was them who had died. I love you and grieve with you in kind. Please take note that you are now within my mind.

I will not stand for this political riot. Not when it leaves a mother left crying. You people of paper and pen have need to look again. For we are the many and you are the few. I think we all know what we must do.

Stand up for our lives and don't back down. Just one more way to take back this town. We deserve our lives. To live them in freedom. We love our children and for that let's teach them. It's not the daily go by that matters in the end. It is the world we long to befriend.

Lay down the standards and stand up for our own honor. Stand up that a mother shall not need know what way the river flows when the tears begin to fall. Stand up proud and tall that we own our lives. It will be we who decide what suits us and what doesn't. It is we who defend against paper and pen. It's we who stand up and fight back to win our freedom brought at tyranny's end.

Let mothers cry no more as her child walks back through that door. Let our hearts fly again without heartbroken goodbyes in the end.

For the mothers and fathers left crying let me leave you in parting, while I do not know a single name, I love you wholeheartedly.


Its late so I won't be typing much here but I swear this last week has been a call on my attitude. I know I'm mouthy and according to the definition I read I'm also pushy, (I don't exactly see being pushy as a bad thing tho*) I'm just looking to figure out the best way to conduct myself from here on. For me, it feels as though people would rather I fake my interactions with other humans rather than be truthful, to both myself and others. I suppose a better light is needed but how and what color? Anyone, help?

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